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Customs broker

Make customs clearance and provide international shipping

  • In the market of customs clearance services and freight forwarding since 2007
  • Interact with the Federal Customs Service (FCS)
  • Provide a seal of the customs broker and the firm to arrange a deal with Your foreign partner
  • The ATA Carnet (temporary import/export) to the chamber of Commerce

Our clients:

Our clients:

The company's services

Customs registration of legal entities We offer a comprehensive customs clearance service for businesses. We have extensive knowledge and experience, allowing to solve at a high professional level of all tasks involving the Declaration of goods and the procedure of customs clearance and control. Customs clearance of individuals Carry out all necessary formalities related to customs clearance of goods for commercial use moved across the border of the Russian Federation. Will help You quickly and easily pass the customs control. Registration and completing the ATA Carnet (temporary import, export) The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that replaces the customs Declaration and allows you to quickly, simply apply without fees for temporary export/import of cargo. Outsourcing of foreign economic activity "Alight Plus" company offers a full complex of services for import and export of goods, customs clearance and delivery to destination. At the request of the client, we offer you the possibility of organizing external purchases in our company with all shipping documentation for Your bookkeeping. Digital signature Experts will advise and help to prepare a set of documents to obtain a qualified certificate that is used in electronic document exchange with customs authorities. Cargo insurance The transported goods are always insured at the best rates from leading insurance companies providing guaranteed financial protection through the compensation of losses. International and intercity cargo transportation Provide a full range of services for the organization and implementation of intercity and international cargo transportation by any mode of transport. We guarantee compliance with the agreed terms, and full safety of cargo, affordable and competitive rates. .
  • Customs clearance by certified specialists
  • Timeliness of execution of tasks
  • Experience, knowledge and high qualification of employees
  • The fixed pricing policy (price does not grow during registration)
  • Coordination of the customs clearance process at all stages of formalities
  • The possibility of organizing foreign procurement, foreign currency transactions, communication with the supplier and arrange delivery and customs clearance to our company by providing shipping documentation for Your bookkeeping
  • Individual approach

In the market of customs clearance services and freight forwarding since 2007.The accumulated experience and knowledge enable us to provide complete solutions for Your business. We cooperate both with legal, and with individuals, facilitating the import and export of goods, manufacture and processing of ATA Carnet (temporary import/export) to the chamber of Commerce and interact with the Federal customs service (FCS). Provide a seal of the customs broker (representative) and a private firm to organize foreign economic transactions with Your foreign partner, which significantly reduces the time and simplifies the procedure of customs clearance.

Customs clearance

All goods imported and exported from/to the territory of Russia or the Customs Union(CU) are subject to mandatory customs clearance.

Customs clearance often referred as custom clearance that has the same effect. The concept of customs clearance includes the complex action consisting of selection of the HS code, obtaining permits, payment of duty and VAT, and only after the filing of the Customs Declaration by the customs authority. To use the services of a customs broker is only useful when Your company's business involves the import and export of goods from abroad.

This service allows you to avoid financial and time losses due to incorrectly selected code and, as a consequence, downtime of the goods at the customs office and TSW. "Alight Plus" - employees with higher legal and economic education, as well as the Academy diplomas in Customs, completed courses for specialists in customs operations. Authorized to act as a mediator between You and the Federal Customs Service. We'll take on the task of customs clearance and licensing, commercial shipping documents.

Interacting with state structures and official bodies of the Russian Federation, we are ready to help You in resolving issues in the field of obtaining permits, confirming compliance with the requirements of technical regulations, obtaining certificates for import/export of goods subject to veterinary, phyto-sanitary control and other permits, required for the process of work on the import/export of goods. Also, the help in registration of documents to obtain an international customs document on temporary import/export of goods, ATA Carnet.

Gorr Maria Vladimirovna
CEO LLC "Alight Plus"

Our client list includes the largest Russian and international organizations. We successfully cooperate with companies, long on market. Constant development, dynamism and efficiency allow us to achieve new goals, while providing excellent quality of declared services.

Many years of highly skilled professionals experience working in OOO "Alight Plus" ensure You that you can entrust us with your business processes, significantly saving time and resources. We set a reasonable cost for each type of services, that is why the cooperation with us very comfortable and profitable!

We present complete solutions of questions in the sphere of customs clearance (for legal entities and physical persons), customs clearance of import and export cargo.

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phone: +7 (495) 774-37-70, email or use a special application form.

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